Cross curricular learning through Physical Education and Activity

The PE Passport is proud to partner with iSportsWall which is an innovative new development that converts a large 4m to 6m wall within a school hall into an interactive classroom for cross curricular learning and physical education and activity. It currently has over 70 modules covering both educational and physical activities to suit age ranges 4 to 11. The innovative system allows full classes of pupils to interact with the modules and complete challenges by interacting with the wall via equipment or touch.

iSportsWall includes a large range of educational and physical modules covering English, phonics, maths science, history, geography, physical education and a fun zone. The system also includes modules that allow the teacher or students to create their own quiz questions and answers to fit within teaching sequences. It also allows for intra school as well as inter school competitions to relay scores between schools thus creating a a competitive leader board. Plus iSportsWall also makes better utilisation of halls by creating an additional presentation space. This can be used for large group teaching or assemblies. It also includes a powerful lighting and sound system that can be used for school events, fundraising, parties etc.

Kader Primary head teacher Alison Mitchinson said: “The technology was amazing. Our hall space has been developed to create an enhanced learning environment. I am really keen to see how our children enjoy and progress through it’s continued use.”

Advantages of using ISportsWall

  • - Stimulates pupils both physically and mentally.
  • - Excellent use of the PE and Sports Premium and can be categorised under all 5 key indicators.
  • - Inter-school competition without the need to travel or visit the other school.
  • - Makes learning Maths, English, Phonics, Science, History and Geography fun whilst exercising.
  • - Helps periodic retrieval of learning that strengthens connections to the memory.
  • - Stimulates physical effort through competitive fun based exercise.
  • - Improves fundamental movement skills which helps reduce obesity in later life.
  • - Can be used as a reward based activity for good behaviour.
  • - Can support children with challenging behaviour by stimulating them to learn.
  • - Can be used as a fun activity at break times or in after school clubs.
  • - Creates a new presentation and educational space with laptop and sound input.

iSportsWall is easy to use and has both automatic and manual setup. The whole system is operated from a small wireless rechargeable keyboard, which is used to select and configure the games. The system also includes a 4 light RGBW bar that creates lighting effects during game play, or to music for other school events. An extra wall input plate is also installed that allows the projection and sound system to be used for normal presentations from a laptop, or sound from an Ipad/phone etc.

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