Makes Learning, Physical Activity and Teamwork Fun

A cross curricular educational tool built with a proven pedagogy to increase Childrens academic, social and physical achievements across all ability levels. A tailored and adaptable resource made to help deliver high quality physically active teaching.

Aball1 is an innovative educational tool (equipment and resources) which allows teachers and coaches to increase physical activity whilst improving numeracy, literacy & social inclusion. Beautifully simple & brilliantly effective, the games are fun, engaging & suitable for children of all ages & abilities.

Aball1 motivates everyone for physical activity, social inclusion and academic learning!

The Aball1 equipment is a set of 50 balls, 25 red, 25 blue and each with a letter and a number printed on it. The resources are a catalogue of games teaching numeracy, literacy, science, health education and which can be adapted to support almost any subject. Each game is designed to create an inclusive and fun learning environment with children working in teams to solve physical and theoretical tasks and challenges.

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